The pain of today is the growth of tomorrow


Often times in life we feel pain and try to hide it from others and ourselves. We try to mask it by turning our attention to things that don't matter, by becoming obsessed with an ideal, a goal, or anything that we believe could save us from that darkness. What we cease to understand is that if we allow the pain to speak to us, it can reveal things about ourselves, our current situation, the reason we attracted it, and we begin to change our awareness from the pain body to the awareness self. We begin to speak words of truth, and those simple words will set us free from the pain we feel. In stillness, feeling the pain and breathing through it, I start looking around to the nature that surrounds me, the tall trees and beautiful greenery bring me a feeling of peace, and my consciousness is raise in that short moment that I realize my pain is only there to teach me something- where I lost balance, what I said or did that was out of alignment with my soul and how can I move towards this fire with awareness and come out of it alive and healed. Artists are people that channel their creativity through a higher power, and as they get into the hole of darkness, they can also step out of it through making an art of their situation. Their thinking isn't linear, it is in fact a lot of heart figures put together, with no beginning and no end; they understand that the pain they experience is one of he greatest gifts of God, for the emotion is the only way the above can speak and guide us to the right path. Imagine a heart shaped figure and now there is one single dot in the middle, in that dot all comes back together to the channel, and in that channel you experience the full dimension of your soul first hand. Unfortunately not everyone has discovered their inner artist, and as the pain serves as resources to be transformed and created into art, the one that does not have a discovered its own channel, may turn away from pain and unconsciously allowing the pain of today, tomorrow and the day after, to be lingering deep down their soul, and dictating the path you choose. The path of a person who cannot embrace pain, is an empty, superficial, meaningless journey that will attract people and situations that reflect the persons lack of integrity with the soul. What if I told you that you can in fact learn from your pain, elevate your state of consciousness, increase self awareness and live a very fulfilling life, if you simply begin to accept the aspects of yourself you have denied? If you only allow your body to dive deep into the pain, shaking it off, breathing through it, and crying your heart out as a form of release. Once that is done, you'll begin to understand that the anger that caused the pain, also needed a channel for expression, and if you can't make art of it, then trust that you are taken care of and by opening that door in your heart, the higher power may deliver to you your true channel for healing.

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