The Divine Plan

Maria Capone

Posted on April 18 2019

The Divine Plan

There's an art to living, that only a few have mastered. There's something special we can see when we look in their eyes, a different kind of wisdom, quite intriguing. Most of the time, the 'special ingredient' that contains in their Soul was discovered through time and hardships. Their understanding of life, the simplicity of it, can drive many of us to ask deeper questions.

Philosophers, religious role models, shamans, healers, and spiritual leaders, many of the people we choose to read about, study or follow in their footsteps, they all seem to have this special mysterious sauce that can perceive life with a enlightened set of lenses. The deeper questions that I refer to are the ones that can drive us closer to our divine being, not the Self, created by personality, but the being above all mind.

I believe before I took my physical body form, I had chosen my parents, my life's circumstances, and had agreed to all the hardships that I was to endure in this specific lifetime on earth. From a soul perspective, there isn't 'good or bad,' that definition was created by the human mind, so the hardships were the great obstacles that would allow the Soul to elevate to its highest potential. Those who attained certain level of 'enlightenment' chose to not became the victims of their reality. They knew deep down that the struggles of the world were temporary and a stepping stone to the world within. These leaders have a different kind of faith, they understood the synchronicity in life and in the universe, and found most happiness after understanding how limited the mind is and how vast and immense the Soul is.

Next time something quite traumatic happens to you, when you feel like there's no turning around from your situation, or you are so overwhelmed with the pressure and would rather give up on life, remember that all the things outside of you are there to help you; to look deeper, to search for truer answers, to redirect you to the divine plan, to defy your doubts and to make you believe again, in something greater, higher than yourself. You hear the stories everyday of people that were given x amount of months to live after being diagnosed with a terminal disease, and suddenly through the power of prayer, faith, nutrition, joy and belief, that same person gets miraculously healed and goes to live a long life sharing their story and inspiring many others. Why is it so hard for people to grasp their mind that faith begins where science ends? That the human mind will never overcome the power of the soul? The body is a vehicle for the soul, but the body does not have the power to heal itself if the soul isn't in accordance to it. I would go as far as to say that the body won't heal until the Soul has learned and integrated its lessons.

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