Surrendering your seeds to the above

Maria Capone

Posted on March 18 2018

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Letting go and trusting, everyone struggles with that at least once in their lives.

Whether you have a dream that you want to attain, a lover that you want by your side, or a traumatic experience that you want to overcome, whatever the circumstance may be, there comes a time when you will need to learn how to let go and trust.

Human beings first reaction when they hear this is to ask: “If I am letting go of something, doesn’t it mean I am giving up on it?” The answer is no. You are not giving up on anything, quite the opposite, you will practice cultivating trust that the seed of intention you set out to the universe will flower on its due time. When you ‘let go’ of something, being that an expectation to receive love from your partner or the outcome you are so hoping to become a reality, you send the message to the universe that ‘I surrender my seeds of wishes and desires to you, and if it is in alignment with the divine will and with the greater plan, I trust that I shall receive that of which I am planting.’ In that way, you stop forcefully thinking and obsessing about what you want, and begin being more present with what is right here in front of you at this moment in time. Letting go of your dream means surrendering it to the universal plan, and trusting that if your soul is fulfilling its duty, the purpose it was given to take during this lifetime, then there should be no fear or illusion of control such as “when will I make my dream my reality?,” “how can I make this person love me more?,” or “when will this traumatic experience end?”

Life is full of uncertainty and change. We humans think that we can make life to be a linear experience always moving forward, powering through our lives hoping to be in control every step of the way. To the contrary, life isn’t linear and isn’t always forward. Sometimes we take a step forward in the direction of the soul and get caught up in ego driven desires and instead of evolving in the path, we begin taking sideways and backwards steps. The beauty about life is that we may only see through the eyes of the soul if we know what it feels like to be seeing life through a different set of lens. You only know enlightenment once you have experienced darkness. If you learn how to surrender, let go and trust then you won’t ever need to get caught up in the negative state of ‘controlling’ your life, your partner, and whatever dream may you have. The more you try to control things outside yourself, the more you suffer.

When it comes to traumatic experiences, finding out the person you love the most is experiencing a serious disease and there is nothing that you can physically do to control the situation, you may choose one of the two options; either to accept, surrender, let go and trust that the higher power will take care of the situation in its divine way, or you may reject that this is happening to you, and begin playing the victim by cultivating a negative mind state.
You won’t be able to determine the outcome either way, but the difference is that when you show up to your loved ones with a full heart, a clear intention set out to the universe, a positive outlook that this situation will only bring people together and transform everything around you for betterment, and not even for a single second you doubt the power of the divine, you are then trusting that higher power will do what it does best: create a miracle and reveal to you its power of intervention.

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