Soul Mates & Soul Teachers


Relationships are there to teach us about ourselves, and our paths. Each relationship you begin has a purpose, and once the purpose is completely served, you move on to the next one. The purpose can range from your partner helping you to see your fears to learning how to become more flexible and how to compromise, and sometimes goes as far as teaching us how to set boundaries and honor our truths. Sometimes we choose to be in a relationship that we are not completely in love because we need to learn how to accept love from others. Other times, we don’t choose to be in love, our heart makes that decision. There has been a time when you thought the one you started the relationship had major chances of being the one for you, based on the ideas you had in your mind of what the perfect guy was like. But for some reason, you don’t feel completely fulfilled. You are attracted to the person in a deep way, but you choose to be with them not because they make you happy, but because that relationship has a lot to teach you. Isn’t interesting how our biggest teachers for the greater transformation we go through, tend to be not our soul mates but our soul teachers? They unravel the mask that you’ve put up, and they reveal your true face to yourself. Not the way you wished you were or wished you felt, but they reveal to you the many shades of your being, a lot of times darker than you imagined. The relationship may have a lingering element to it, since you know deep down after one shared moment together, that your differences wont bring you closer after time has elapsed, but if anything will take you further apart. People tend to ignore the first signs when they get into a relationship. If a man tells you he does not like spirituality and doesn’t believe in a higher realm, don’t you even think that you can make him become a spiritual teacher once you start your relationship, that is unlikely that will ever happen. People can change, grow, mature but those that are inflexible in their thinking and closed minded, rigid, tend to always be who they are until a tragic situation happens and an awakening occurs. We can’t change people’s beliefs by pushing them to be someone they never were. The problem here is simple, people tend to relate and identify with what they believe, if you try to push them to think differently because you think is best, you will only create conflict. The natural process of life will make them more flexible when the time comes, it is not your place to try and heal or save anyone you are in a relationship with. That being said, every relationship will teach you about yourself and show you what is most important to you in a partner. Once you go through the healing and you start understanding who you are from a clearer perspective, that’s when you will know how to set boundaries, how to speak up your mind, and how to increase your self-love.

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