Shama Jade Founders' Message on the Prophecy of Light


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More than a healthy lifestyle brand, our main goal with Shama Jade has always been to create a philosophy to empower women to live their lives at the fullest, embracing their truth, honoring their light, accepting their darkness, uplifting one another, listening attentively to their intuition, embracing themselves as they are, and making peace with their transformation that is always happening for our betterment, whether we agree or disagree.

We believe in a prophecy of light; where healing arts and holistic medicine, the more natural way of living, gain priority over the western way of dealing with the human body. A prophecy that honors the truth without judgment, that ceases to feed the ego, and that focuses on the heart as the center where all the actions come from. Let the heart be open and truthful, let the mind be calm, still and nonreactive, let the body be flexible, strong and in harmony, let the mouth speak only what it means, uplifting and guiding others with the same love you feel towards oneself, let the eyes see the best in others with no judgment in their flaws, mistakes and level of consciousness. Let each persons path be unique to their karma, respecting their pain, obstacles and achievements, witnessing with open arms and understanding hearts. Let others be who they choose to be, love whom they choose to love, and do what they choose to do. Let others learn from their mistakes, as you learn from your own, and next time you feel the urge to judge them, remember that your only mission is to be of light and kindness, speak the truth even when it hurts, because to dive deep into your pain takes you further into your soul evolution than to ignore it altogether.

In this journey of bringing light into the world, we have encountered lots of darkness, lies, egotistical ways of acting and living, and at times like these, it becomes a lot harder to act from heart and shed light and forgiveness to those who try to hurt you. But remember, "God" or the higher power of the universe, will always charge the light of those who live by a higher purpose, than of those who's ego and lack of integrity takes priority over the truth.

Shama: Enlightenment, Jade: unconditional love- We experience people in many different levels that are attracted to the light but can't sustain it, can't accept to be part of something greater than themselves, and the only way they feel good is when they take something away from you; they steal because their ego craves to be out there where success resides, but they don't want to do the work to get there, they want a short cut, so they get inspired by someone else's work and when they see how much that work touches people heart, they steal their work, because they want the attention, again ego takes over. Do they really care to empower others? To teach and be part of the prophecy of light? They try so hard to act like it, but through their actions one can see, and as the pain runs in my heart and I try to believe that are people out there that live from their ego and not their heart, I feel hopeless. For a second or two, I start doubting the efficacy of the prophecy of Shama Jade that we live by, but once that thought comes into my head, the faith of light overpowers my body and I realize one thing: it is not my place to judge, or to feel discourage by the lack of consciousness I see in the world, it is my place, however, to practice love and forgiveness. To allow each and every being to grow in their own time, through their own karmic lessons.

Once you begin to release and let go of judgment, you start tapping into something greater, higher, more powerful than yourself, you begin practicing the prophecy of light.

Shama Jade Founders

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