Practicing Self-love

Maria Capone

Posted on March 25 2018


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Let it go- all of it. The jealousy, anxiety, fear, doubt and pain for they no longer serve you. To increase your vibration is to practice self-love in a daily basis. Self-love, a term widely used but so little understood. To love yourself means to have confidence in your worth, and not feed the negativity in your mind saying that you are less than ideal. It is to practice the things that inspire you, being that yoga, helping someone in need, or making your child smile, whatever it is that nurtures your soul, that is self-love. It is to feed your inner connection with source, before you begin connecting with others. It is to know the power you hold when being in the light, and not let third dimension fears and jealousy interfere with the greater plan. It is to recognize that we all have had a level of self-abuse when others took advantage or hurt us and that we have allowed it to happen, but the more we cultivate self-love, the less others can take away your peace of mind. When you begin loving yourself so much that you alone can make yourself smile, you stop being needy and controlling of those you love, because at the end of the day, whatever happens in the course of life is what is meant to happen, and you are only in charge of the way you bring meaning and happiness to yourself. Once you let go of the jealousy and embark into a self-love experience, you'll see that your partner will be even more in love with you, because the more love you cultivate, the more love you start to resonate. People like to date those that are confident in their skin, know that alone they are fulfilled, and that a partner can only add dimension to their lives, but for no reason the partner is the main source of happiness. Relationships can fail not because of infidelity, but because of lack of self love in one or both partners. When partners assign the role of happiness and self-love to each other, deep dysfunction begins to happen. No one aside from yourself can create inner peace. No one can teach you how fantastic your whole being is unless you have learned that first. So when you expect the other to give you the love, because you have too little on your own (at least you think you do), you start creating obsessive, compulsive, demanding behaviors and until your partner has given all that he has to offer and more, you just won't stop. It is clear that this dysfunction will end with one of both parties feeling drained, tired, and lacking desire to be together. Let the old self die so the new one can be re-born. Recreate yourself over and over, until you come to a complete self realization that you are love, and for as long as love is a state of being, no fear can hurt you.

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