Healing Insecurities: The Path to Transformation

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Betrayal, there is nothing in the world that hurts more than that. Except for death itself, that brings the end to physical journeys and the restart for the spiritual one. Betrayal could be considered a death on itself, when an individual betrays there is a very strong subconscious part of him that is ready to let go of that person, that relationship, or that situation. Cheating, in my opinion, is one of the worst forms of betrayal, and the hardest one to forgive. Sometimes people's own insecurities lead to a fearful anxiety about the one you love cheating on you. But the truth of the matter is, worrying about it won't make your fear go away. There is a big difference between intuitive feeling and projection of your insecurities on a situation. Sometimes we know deep down that the one we love is faithful despite your insecurities and fear. We have to own up to our insecurities and fears, and stop projecting that in our relationships. What if I told you that you could live a more fulfilling life if you were to eliminate the jealousy, the insecurities of being abandoned, the fear of being cheated on, would you want to try it? It is easier said than done, that I know, but when you accept your fears and insecurities, and understand that they represent a very small part of your being that needs attention and healing, you start to become more compassionate towards your tricky mind and begin to let go of all the illusions created by your mind. If the situation ever presents itself where you feel your loved one is emotionally and/or physically cheating on you, you can then face the real situation and not the illusionary scene created by your mind. It is ok to feel like you don't want to lose the one you love, but that is a trick by the ego trying to tell you that you own your lover, when in reality you don't nor ever will. People are free to make their own decisions, and we need to stop worrying about imaginary outcomes and invest that energy within ourselves to deepen our connection with our highest selves and open that gate to the divine. I have chosen to let go of those insecurities, and completely let go to what is. I trust in my spiritual guides as they help me in my ascension to divinity and I understand that insecurities and fears make themselves clear for us to heal and understand them so we call all ascend to a dimension that energies of such low vibration have no power over you neither are they allowed in the space of light.

It is time that people begin investing in their own connection to the higher power that is here to serve us in our transformation of eternal spiritual begins living in a physical world. I consciously choose to let go of those old patterns that no longer serve any purpose in my life, and I advise you do the same. Ask for guidance from your spiritual guides and trust that whatever is bubbling up to the surface is meant to be happening, so that all the shadow aspects of ourselves will be finally known to us, and through knowing them we can forever let go of them.

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