Discovering Your Gift

Maria Capone

Posted on December 05 2017


Every human being has a gift. For some, finding the true gift that they were given is an easy task, for others, the gift gets lost in their busy lives and they go always searching for outside things to give meaning.

It is like a fish that is stuck in an aquarium, swimming from left to right, up and down, and no matter where it goes it always faces a wall, a dead end. The fish may try to escape swimming rapidly for the first days after captivity, but after some time, that same fish adapts to his new reality and begins to settle without much hope that one day can find it self back into the vastness of the ocean. The fish dreams with the day he gets to go back to his natural habitat, a place where his heart and soul resides and swims free of restrictions. He knows that in the aquarium he is safe; he doesn’t need to run or hide from bigger fishes, but he also knows that there is only so much he can grow and evolve in that cage.

In the wide ocean, the fish remembers how much challenge and danger he would face in his day to day, but he also misses all the possibilites he used to explore, misses the other fishes he used to spend time with, seeing all the different marine creatures and how by being one with the ocean he is constantly growing through the challenges he faces.

Now all that is left for him is to have faith that one day he will get right back to where he belonged, and until then his main lesson is to find peace within his mind and heart, find freedom to grow even though his circumstances make him physically stagnant.

The same is true to human beings. We are born with a natural talent, and in an early age we tend to express that dream, raw gift, and desire freely and happily. As we begin to grow and start listening to other people’s opinion and agendas that are inflicted upon us, we start creating a persona, someone who seems really great from the outside, who can be pleasant and can be validated by those we love, and before we know it that gift is no longer shining bright through the light of our soul. Instead the gift is buried within and masked by all the things that are not in alignment with our true self.

That persona can take many forms, and can sometimes lead a life of success in the material world, but the spirit never truly succeeds, it start slowing dying in misery starving to be fed forcing most of us to stop the path we’ve chosen and remember back to when the spirit was joyful.

The soul doesn’t lie, it is a simple guide. The more joyful and happy you feel, the more you are in alignment with your purpose. The joy that I speak of isn’t that temporary gratification that happens when you buy yourself a gift, or receive some news that your brand got into a department store, it is an ever-growing joy that fuels your heart with passion, serenity and angelic satisfaction. It is in that high vibration of alignment with Source that all inspiration, answers, abundance, and magic can happen.

We are creatures of habit, and when faced with a choice most of us are prone to choose the comfortable than to embrace the unknown. Every path you choose with an intention that inspires you is always a great path to take.

Just like people change, grow and evolve, our careers tend to do the same. I see people that have hung on to their jobs for way too long, and life keeps on giving signs that is time to move on, but because of fear of the unknown they choose to stay. With that being said, I believe it is never to align yourself back to source. We all have an unique gift, but that doesn’t mean we are only good at this one or more things. All it means is that this one gift when pursued as a career or a way of living, will bring more joy and abundance spiritually than pursuing a path that doesn’t reflect your gift.

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