Create The Reality You Envision

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on June 21 2017

Create The Reality You Envision

Sometimes people speak of words they don’t even know the meaning to. Words that are as shallow as a superficial thought; words with no density and no truth. When individuals choose words of weakness, the outcome tends to be destructive; the creation of an ugly reality that can never be real, a reality based on fear and old patterns that try to stop us to embrace the changes to come.

We can choose to live in two different realities: one filled with love and empowerment and another that is based on pain, doubt and fear. We can look at the obstacles that shake us up as a way to get in a deeper connection with self and through the hardships we overcome, we can gain a new perspective and evolution of the soul. The fear based reality tempt us to change directions, to lose faith, to give in to those negative voices in the mind. However, once you go through the darkness and find yourself in the light side, you will have a greater understanding of your shadow self. 

Today I ask humanity to create the reality that fuels us with strength to overcome the challenges, when faced with negativity we shall remain calm and serene, when feeling emotionally overwhelmed we shall cry and feel what it needs to be felt. A reality based on the principles of speaking the language of love to one another and teachings of peace. In this reality we may never engage in suffering when in times of conflict, we may put an effort to always speak from our hearts and focus in the light and in the beauty within and that is all around us. Today I choose to create my reality, and I invite you to participate in our movement to help elevate human consciousness, it all starts right here and right now, it all starts with you.

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