Patience and creativity: the key to success

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on February 28 2016


There is a dilemma between working outwards and working inwards that deserves my attention. A dilemma that we tend to fail by going to one extreme only and staying there until success knocks at our door. It is simple to understand, yet complicated because it involves many judgments and preconceived ideas of how success is achieved. Let’s take a business for example. It all starts with an idea, it moves into physical form becoming a manifestation of our hearts desire, next thing you know it is an entity that needs your nurturing and hard work to grow into the empire you envisioned. Obsession may seem that leads up to success, doing what you know it takes to achieve that desirable dream of a profitable company may not be what your company needs at all. What we fail to understand and make the same mistake over and over is that a company can be seen as a human being of its own, with needs and desires that are just as important for their growth as it is for ours. A woman that is constantly changing her physical appearance, from plastic surgeries to dieting to hair color hoping that through this she will heal her deepest insecurities, can become a more “attractive” woman to society’s standards but in the inside she continues having the same wounds, doubts and fears. What if instead of focusing so much in doing things, she decided to embrace the art of being? By being she would have to take a look within her wounds and find ways to nurture and heal them not in the outside but in the inside. Maybe therapy could be of help, or any form of healing arts, but the point is true growth and change does lead to success, if you are succeeding in your spiritual evolution than you know that you are in the right path. Let’s go back to the example of a company. She needs nurturing, sometimes she needs to retreat and go back to her heart, do creative work and cultivate happiness, because you created her for the purpose of bringing you a platform to express your creativity, to bring joy and eventually wealth. It is the ability to trust that when you are waiting for success, you can still give her your heart and nurture her in whatever way you see fit. If you keep on doing obsessively, you will fall into the trap that money is your main motivation, which is not and can never be when it comes to fulfilling your company. Do not resent her, wait patiently and embrace this creative process of nurture and love for what you know has the power to transform yourself and transform itself into what is meant to be. We are in constant sync with everything we create, if we do our inner work, if we allow her to do her inner work, we can all grow together in the name of faith, of love, and of freedom.

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