Shama Jade Yoga Art Therapy

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on February 14 2016


We all feel emotions, some positive and some negative. The negative emotions we repress, we try to escape from, and we don’t give a chance for that feeling to speak to us. The moment the pain speaks to us, we begin suffering because we have resisted looking at it for so long and now that the explosion has happened, we feel guilty for feeling down. We are all made of light and darkness, feminine and masculine, sun and moon, day and night, yin and yang; human life came into existence through duality, so why is feeling pain, sadness, depression and anger something to be crucified and avoided by all costs?
Every emotion produces energy of its own. It begins with a thought. The thought generates the emotion. The emotion generates energy and heat in the body. There are two options for this emotion to manifest itself out; we either allow ourselves to feel and express it creatively or physically or we choose to repress it, and let it dictate our inner state of being, our energetic frequency, our thoughts and most importantly our reality. Every emotion that does not find an outlet for expression, will add weight on your spiritual body. Next thing you know, your life is full of emotional conflicts and the practical matters seem to have gone upside down. Now you have gone so far away from your inner truth that you can’t even remember when things started to go wrong. You may feel so distant from your lighthouse that you feel hopeless to ever find your inner light again. No darkness can prevail for as long as you have enlightened your mind through deep awareness that where you are has nothing to do with who you are. The situation you find yourself is a great reminder that sometimes we need to let destruction take over in order for renewal, regeneration and recreation to be manifested.
The moments of depression we all experience is the way that Source speaks to the soul reminding us that we are ready for a major shift in consciousness and increased spiritual awareness. We feel the sadness and we retract. Unconsciously we feel the need to go back within to retreat, to unravel our truth, to dry out the energy that has been utilized in our thoughts, actions, and emotions to find a meditative space for this new awareness to come. In stillness we reflect, we contemplate and we begin understanding that the pain is part of our human experience. What if we told you that you are allowed to feel anything you want to feel? What if we created a sacred practice for you to dive deep within and find words to describe your pain? What if after you created the symbolic words for your emotional state, you were given a place to let it move through your body; what if you let that flow of energy run through you and dissipate in a creative form? How much lighter would you feel afterwards? Shama Jade Yoga Art therapy’s practice is to allow yourself to experience your own darkness in a graceful and creative way; it allows healing to occur naturally as you are given the chance to fully embody what you feel from a highly aware place. Your mind is yogic, your heart is heavy, your body is boiling with too much energy to flow, and now you will write, create your art, and move with the music flow of your own intuition that speaks to you in various ways. The voice of the partner will lead you to the practice, as a light or dark music with no lyrics is being played on the background. Your partner will read the words you have used to describe your pain, sadness, anger in a poetic way while you will close your eyes and let those words sink into your heart. When you are ready, you will begin moving into poses that help you express that pain, poses that help you heal that pain, poses that above all will come from your soul in a spontaneous way.



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