Being Whole Has Nothing To Do With Being Perfect



Before any new chapter begins, there is always a bit of fear and anxiety that may shake us up. That fear is as small or big as we make it, and essential for bringing more humility to our hearts and questions to our minds. Fear is a projection of the mind; it is an illusion, since our true nature is love. We are love alone and when that love comes to the physical realm of earthly life, it can be hindered by fear, but never for too long. When I choose to live on my mind, I begin allowing my own illusion based projections of negative outcomes to create my reality and fill my universe with fear. When I choose consciously to live in my heart, nothing can disturb my true path, because only I can hear what the divine is expressing through my own intuition. But the fear that we experience prior to any new chapter, new cycle, new change, make us question whether or not we are for fact following our divine calling. That fear can bring us humility since the only way we can overcome it is by surrendering to source. Source feeds us with inspiration, creativity, the power of creation, and the ability to fulfill our journey. If you know your path deep down, and you still have fear of moving forward, taking this new step into the unknown and embracing completely your highest self’s true desire, remember that God made you as an instrument to channel light in whatever path it feels right to you. The moment you know your path, you understand your calling, and you embrace that the journey was chosen for you from something much greater and powerful that you, than the light within your soul would channel to bring about change into humanity. This is the moment you let go of your ego completely and accept that who you are, say and do will have an impact on those around you. Is my light being channel towards construction or am I dimming my light and creating destruction? Every time you are given the opportunity to act in accordance with light through whatever mission you were put here on earth to fulfill, take it wholeheartedly with the deep understanding that the fear you experience is part of the process towards transcending your ego. The ego fears not being accepted, validated, loved and wanted. It fears not “doing a good job,” being laughed at, or making mistakes. The lighthouse that we all possess in our heart chakras, where life source happens, understands that being imperfect is one of the beauties of life. It makes us relatable, it makes us human, and increases our spiritual growth by the understanding that being whole has nothing to do with being perfect.


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