A Love Letter- Nurture your garden & Improve your relationship.

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on October 20 2015

It took me 23 years to understand the purpose of suffering. God did not give humans the ability to feel emotions for no reason other than as a form of guidance. If humanity possessed only the ability to smile, no empathy, compassion, and emotional depth would be developed. The gift of happiness can only be experienced in its full potential, when one can feel the tingling pain leading us to find our truer answers. Pain and suffering work as a simple equation: you begin to recognize that pain in your body, the more you feel it the deeper it reaches your heart. Now you have created the suffering, not for the purpose of feeding unhappiness, but for the exact opposite: awakening your soul to what needs to be acknowledged for your inner process of transformation.

Just like the seed goes through different stages before it becomes a flower, the human consciousness can only elevate once it embraces the unknown territory by giving in to the possibilities of change. If the seed were to remain intact, without giving any water or sun light, it would still be the same exact seed over time. The only difference is that it would look older and probably not be as fertile to transform into a flower anymore. Now, if the seed is given water and sun light, and is nurtured over time, it will transform itself out into a beautiful flower. The flower has become very delicate, and it needs special attention in order to survive the droughts, rains, and life. As a seed there is not much risks to take, your life is known; the yesterday and tomorrow do not matter because you are living without the possibility of getting burnt and transforming. As a seed that is nurtured and listens to the enduring pain within itself, it will eventually blossom into a flower, and when that awakening moment takes place, the flower will be forever vulnerable and more aware of its insides.


I today choose to forgive myself from all the hardships I put us through. I promise to never again take your water and sunlight from you; I promise to nurture you with life and love. I want to be your flower, and I will embark in the journey of change for the growth of our relationship and my own. I will give you space and light to heal your wounds, and I will be right here by your side for whatever you need. Once I blossom into a flower, I will begin to cut the leaves that are old and dead within my body. The negative patterns consisting of feeding the pain and trying to escape by playing the victim, will be long gone before we even know it.

Together, our love will blossom into an entire garden and our job will be to regenerate ourselves over and over, making our wounds conscious and shinning healing light upon one another.

           You are my beautiful flower and I will love you forever.

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