The Path Towards Non-reactiveness

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on September 11 2015

Becoming non-reactive. As my heart screams, my stomach hurts, my metabolism fastens, my mind is lost, I feel a strong frustration; I need to set the record straight, I can’t allow my truth to be taken away from me, and disguised as a lie. What do all these emotions have to do with truth? What do our truths need to be defended? Can’t it survive time without our human help? Yes it can, and indeed it does. Ego- Earthly Guided Only. He is the one who has the need to be right, to protect its shell its pride. If you allow someone to break that shell, it means you will become vulnerable, and in the eyes of the ego who always strives for drama “the poor me, the victim,” this “humiliation” is so painful that one would rather die than open up and acknowledge its own mistakes. Why am I going on a roll about it? Because without even noticing, our EGOs get a hold of most of us in our everyday lives.
Somebody has something that you feel has offended, attacked, or hurt you deeply. There is the first reaction: anger. Let’s take the word “reaction” for a minute, Re-Action, response due to the action acted out by an individual, in this case the reaction being something negative. Now let’s consider a reaction from your loved one who shows up unexpectedly at your work bring you flowers, and says I love you. The light he is bringing is bright, the emotion pure, E-MOTION- energy in movement. There is a ball of energy being shared with you, you catch it with both of your hands delicately, you embrace it and after your soul has fed this light, you give it back to your lover. There is a natural action and reaction to this cycle, and having pure intention leads to a mutual heart connection, and the ego doesn’t even have the chance to come into play.
However, when feeling attacked, offended or in pain we react out of our defensive mechanisms, “if my identity is being challenged, my sense of self destroyed, my truth undermined, now I no longer know who I am. If I have identified myself with the intellectual thoughts I hold, If I believe I am a mere reflection of the actions I have chosen, then I am a physical body being guided by a voice called the ego. Where is the soul, the spirit, the prana within me?”

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