“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works. If from the head, almost nothing.”

A great yoga instructor knows its job goes beyond teaching physical movement. It is a person who knows that the sharing of this philosophy is something beautiful and it should be taught holding up to this standard. Yoga is a lifestyle that should be brought from the mat into the life, and when I love to be able to look up to my instructor as my great teacher and an example of human being. Yoga brings lots of powerful qualities out of people, and a teacher should be able to just by being extremely present and connected to the classroom guide us through the different stages of the practice and its difficulties. Remembering us that all this obstacles are mental and bringing us back to our own divine being, yes we are creators of our own reality. An amazing yoga instructor is strong and patient, perceptive and receptive, can feel the energy of a classroom in an instant and know exactly what should be taught. A great yoga instructor has the capacity to help an individual to go through an incredible transformation. It is even better when the example for the classroom resonates so much love, that I feel the interconnection of humanity in such a deeper level, that becomes impossible not to come back to yoga again.


Let's Begin the Yoga Practice with Shama Jade:

Surya Namaskara A
Starting in Tadasana- Mountain Pose, feet together, find an even distribution of the toes, ribs down, chin parallel to the floor.
1) Inhale- arms up, hands together come to the center of the heart
2) Exhale- Standing forward fold
3) Inhale- Half forward fold- tilt the pelvis back, fingertips touch floor in alignment with toes, arms straight.
4) Exhale- Chaturanga Dandasana- step back to the mat, or jump back.
5) Inhale- Cobra or upper facing dog
6) Exhale- Downward Facing dog.
7) Inhale- Press back.
8) Exhale- standing forward fold.
9) Inhale- Half-forward fold.
10) Exhale- stading forward fold.
11) Inhale- back to mountain pose.
Surya Namaskara B:

TADASANA- Mountain pose
1) Inhale: Chair-pose
2) Exhale: Standing forward fold
3) Inhale: Half forward gold
4) Exhale: Chaturange Dandasana- step or jump back to the back of the mat.
5) Inhale: cobra or upper facing dog
6) Exhale: Downward facing dog (step right foot forward, spin back foot flat)
7) Inhale: Warrior I (right leg)
8) Exhale: Chaturanga Dandasana- right foot steps back to meet the left.
9) Inhale: cobra or upper facing dog
10) Exhale: downward facing dog
11) Inhale: Warrior I (left leg)
12) Exhale: Chaturanga Dandasana- left foot meets the right foot in the back of mat.
13) Inhale: cobra or upper facing dog
14) Exhale: downward facing dog
15) Inhale: Strech Back
16) Exhale: standing forward fold
17) Inhale: half standing forward fold
18) Exhale: standing forward fold
19) Inhale: chair pose
20) Exhale: Tadasana- mountain pose





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