You are a Winner

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on August 09 2015

Life is quite interesting. The lessons it brings us can be a bit confusing and sometimes hard to uncover. I have always been a big believer that I am the responsible for everything that happens in my life and I attract all circumstances for my own spiritual growth. But then, I encounter myself in situations that I can barely see a purpose; those are the painful ones that I would rather blame everyone else but me, “why is this happening to me? I have always been on the light, so why does the darkness try to take me down?” Well, coming from a spiritual background consisting in the belief of reincarnation and past lives, I like to tell myself “no you are not crazy,” that the emotions I feel so deeply are the result of wounds in my soul that began to form in previous lives. My main mission here isn’t to try to understand where each one of these wounds come from, but to shine the healing light, do my part and make the shadow self conscious of itself.

The issue that I want to address today is simple yet complicated; I love to love and I adore meeting new people and sharing my heart with them. I am obviously not perfect, but I don’t remember when it was the last time I felt some very negative emotions towards anyone until yesterday. I felt betrayed and I gave myself permission to feel the anger but I soon after that I felt guilty. Guilty for feelings those negative emotions and altogether with the betrayal, I became a ball of sadness. Suddenly, my lighthouse completely shut down and the love I have within turned into fear. Why am I writing all of this? The point I am trying to make is:

 Yes, we are humans, we will feel different things at different times, and it will not always be positive. Regardless of how high your vibration is, there will be low vibrating energies that will come across your field for as long as you are on earth. And yes, you don’t have to feed or nurture them but you are allowed to feel it from a place of awareness to later understand the following: reason to attract this situation or person, the part of you that identifies with that emotion and where is the trigger within you that created the negative reaction. 

After being betrayed, I felt such an anger that I could barely sleep. I was thinking about all possible scenarios that I would create in order to inflict that pain that was inflicted in me. I don’t need to say that the next day it was a big mess. Since I was resonating in that low energy of fear, every interaction I had reflected that same emotion—I ended up feeling lost, and even more sad…dark emotions are in fact draining- they drain the life out of you, and you are the one to blame. You are not in control of what others “do” to you, but you are in control of how you “re-act” and of your inner state of being. Choose consciously to respond with love, because at the end of the day whatever you put it out into the universe, it will be what you get back. If you send light and love, you will receive the same in return.

 Remember, it is not up to YOU to teach somebody a lesson; life is wiser than our arrogant minds will ever be. Work on your on Dharma, and let others’ karmas be what they have chosen it to be. All you can do is be the example of love and integrity. Those that are ready to take that step into making the world a better place, will be right there with you; for those who want to inflict pain in others, you may inspire them to do and be someone different. “You now have the responsibility to resonate in your higher-self,” but let me remind you something: “I will put you through some other tests, don’t hate on it, embrace it- you will speak and act from love. For as long as love is involved in your universe, you are a winner.”


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