From Darkness to Light

The light knocked at the door, scared to open it I chose to remain in darkness. In darkness there was no one to mirror my existence, no one to remind me of my shadow; in darkness no shadow can exist. In darkness everything is uniform, even myself became a blend with not much of a goal to make a positive change. In darkness the coldness made me numb, If I didn’t feel anything at all, I wouldn’t have to suffer; the unknown pain of darkness was my natural state, living in an illusion reality, I made that darkness my own. The outside reflected my insides; the stagnancy by choosing to remain in the dark was easier than to open the door for the light. The hardest thing is to find out the truth about my own darkness, and what I, as the creator of my universe, have caused to my soul by my own choices.

A new day, a new chance to find my balance, to reconnect to my truth, and to re-align with my soul. In stillness, I found the light.


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February 12, 2016

The puhceasrs I make are entirely based on these articles.

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