The Phoenix

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on July 15 2015

"The Phoenix must first burn to emerge"

You are perfect the way you are,

Stop trying to sabotage,

Your life, your heart, your truth are clear,

Stop wasting so many tears,


Your passion runs deep,

But your self-love isn’t complete,


Your intensity hurts because you don’t understand,

That at the end of the day, you are on command

Let your emotions simply be,

Don’t feed the dark, or you may never see


To him you devoted so much heart,

And now you see your truth depart


Her Voice:

The dark pain has filled my heart,

And now I wonder who the fuck am I?

I lost myself, I lost direction

I want him back, to feel protection,



Your journey is alone,

It is time to go home,


Home to your light,

Where inner love will make you shine bright,


He has taken you for granted,

But now it is time to surrender.

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