To Love is to Transform

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on July 04 2015

Some men need to have multiple women, that gives them the ability to live on the surface where only fake happiness lie, never having to go inwards and discover the depth. Going inwards is never an easy process; you see what you have to in order to grow but in this encounter you find traumas, pain, confusion and sometimes anger. For those who avoid relationship with another human being, I want to say- you are missing the point of being alive! You are avoiding the relationship with yourself. To relate alone is easy, no one to mirror your weaknesses and immaturity. Relating to one another is a different story; it forces both to go inwards and separate the two pain-bodies from each other. Relationships make you question: I am feeling pain…did he cause me this pain or did the pain already resign within me? No partner can cause you pain, he can trigger and bring to the surface what was hidden deep down inside you. How about when people choose to go on their lives solo? If there is no partner to mirror and facilitate the growth, what is the other option?

The spiritual evolution is needed for as long as humans are on earth. The challenges will come in different shapes and forms, but they will be just as hard if not more. Aloneness is the key component of learning and sustaining a spiritual relationship, however, the toughness of life advices for an emotional support. The obstacles will always come our way for as long as we are alive, regardless of being in a relationship with another or only with the self. Despite the constant flux of change and hardships, one can find higher meaning in life by surrendering completely to love. Love has helped me to face my shadow self in surprising ways and even though at times I wanted to escape from my circumstances, love taught me that by escaping from love one is running from the self, one is choosing to remain stagnant. Love brings possibilities for transformation. To love is to transform. To love is to surrender. To love is to evolve.


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