Raising Collective Consciousness: The Time is now!

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on June 15 2015

Some people grow throughout the years, some don’t. While some progress to a higher awareness, some become even more close-minded. It feels as if the good gets better and the bad gets worse. It is true that humanity shares similar and different interests, and as a population we can agree upon many of them as being “good or bad.” An individual that likes partying can also enjoy yoga, and there is nothing bad in it. The problem is when the individual hates any type of spiritual practice, and in the eyes you see a dead soul in a human body that’s when you know they live by fear and not love. One who hates spirituality, has renounced from his own growth and sooner or later will find himself stagnant in the compulsive mind, completely losing touch with his heart. Regardless of peoples’ interests, we are drawn to things that bring us happiness and inspire an inner sense of meaning in life. All of our souls truly want is to resonate in that level of pure love and our interests are intuitive, it simply guides us to rediscover what we were once born with: unconditional love.

I’ve encountered along my life bodies with a soul residing somewhere else; empty bodies with physiological functions. That feeling of being drained after an encounter has always made me wonder: are these bodies responsible for keeping humanity’s consciousness from expanding? - The worst part is to know there is nothing I can do alone; the only way to inspire change and raise our consciousness is collectively. We humans need to stop feeding our fears and start changing gears to always think, speak, and act from our hearts. If those who have been doing the inner work gather together, we will be able to slowly raise the frequency of those who live by so much fear and hate.  All I can do now is learn how to become less reactive to those that are resistant to evolving, and hope by shining love to the lost souls, I will be doing my part in the humanity-awakening path.


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