Healing your fears


I love to feel. I live to feel. Feelings create art, and art is an expression of your deepest self. I'd like to think that art is a manifestation of my highest self, but most of the times is the fearful me that experiences the darkness and only once the moment has passed the highest me can create the art. What function does the fearful me play in my life? It reminds me of my weaknesses, karmic lessons and emotions that need to be cleared out, healed completely for my soul evolution. For that reason, don't try to repress it, play cool, ignore it or judge it. Instead, embrace that voice of fear, for that fear can teach you where you are in your spiritual evolution, what you need to observe, and what you need to go through, digging deep we may find what've been looking for, our life's mission. 

I'm not saying by any means to encourage fear into your life, or to feed that voice. What I am saying is, it does have something to teach us, and in order to overcome, and heal that fear, we need to naturally allow it to come forth even if that means experience your darkness for the time being. We become human by accepting our fears and super human by expressing them. Once you give space for your fear to speak, it will no longer take hold of you, instead you will allow light to shine through that hole that was dig deep into your heart, and in that empty clear space, love will be welcomed.

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