The True Meaning of Being Alive

Our brains are the most incredible gift that could've been given to human kind. The fact that we can remember a specific situation, day, moment in our lives and vividly experience that emotion as if we were living it right at this moment again. It's amazing how one can record the minor details of a moment that happened in the past, and though the situation, person, thing that happened doesn't consciously affect us in the present moment, we can still feel it ever so deeply, as if had happened yesterday.

The job of a writer is to share a story, a discovery, a thought, and hopefully help others to find a relief to know that what they feel, or are going through is acceptable and relatable in many different levels.
Back in time emotions were seeing as weakness and the ability to maintain rational and "stable" was the desired way of living. The problem with this concept that doesn't reward what spirituality can do for mankind is: the rational/stable who doesn't know his inside, is more likely to remain stagnant than the one that feels and learn from the voice of his heart.

Feelings give meaning to life and are the reason why we are alive. It brings color to a blank page, it adds dimension to an sculpture, it creates lyrics to a sound and sometimes it even creates a musical sound of expression. You may be thinking that all these things are great, but how can feelings elevate us in any way? We can learn from love as we can learn from pain. We can go back to a specific moment in time that is stored into our hearts and minds and discover important information for what those emotions were trying to teach us and then learn from it!

For that reason, strive to discover your depth, and express it with all you've got, because at the end of the day you will regret not what you've said, done, expressed, learned but what you never dared to explore.

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