Mother's day Collaboration Event with actress Jessica Hall and Fyera Foundation


Models: Jessica Hall & Sophie Carlson

Photography by: Armin Razmy

Outfit by: Shama Jade Activewear 

Make up by: Brittney Lambert 


In light of Mother’s day, we would like to bring more awareness to the children in need that lack unconditional love from a mother figure, and decided to help in whatever way we could by partnering up with the Fyera Foundation.

The Fyera foundation focuses in helping children in Nicaragua by sponsoring a child there and providing them with care (water, food, school supplies, and love.) The foundation is also an active part in the community in Nicaragua, and is currently raising money to build a center for inspiration, for both physical and spiritual nutrition to the children. Shama Jade and Fyera foundation have partnered up with the beautiful reality star (Kendra On Top) and mother, Jessica Hall, for Mother’s day with an effort to bring awareness to this cause and help the children in need.

Jessica Hall is a reality star, full-time entrepreneur and mother, who is interested in helping the children in the community and encouraging women around the world to embrace and love themselves as they are. She is the perfect representation to inspire women to know that they can have it all: a successful career, and a balanced family life. 

During the month of May, a percentage of the profit for every jumpsuit purchased through Shama Jade Activewear’s website, will be donated to Fyera foundation, improving the quality of life of the children from Nicaragua. 


“Ever since I became a mother, I feel this immense love for children, something I had never experienced before. It is an all embracing love that makes me want to take all the children to my home and give them all the love they need. I feel extremely grateful to be able to work with the Fyera foundation that my partner Avalon Barrie has introduced me to, and to know that the donation can make a difference in the Nicaragua children’s lives, nurturing them physically and spiritually.” Maria Cordeiro Capone, Co-founder of Shama Jade Activewear.

“This is very dear to my heart as I’ve been working with the Fyera foundation for a few years now, and I feel like I am a honorary mother, as I don’t have kids of my own. I love to be able to contribute to the children’s’ wellbeing and happiness, and believe that every little bit can make a difference in the children’s lives.” Avalon Barrie, Co-founder of Shama Jade Activewear.



1) Why did you want to be involved with the Fyera Foundation?

I absolutely love what Shama Jade is all about and what they stand for. I have to admit I wasn't aware of Fyera Foundation until recently. I'm so glad that I’m becoming so knowledgeable about the Fyera foundation and as a new mom I want to help every child I can. It's so important for children to have the proper care just to survive. If I could, I would build the learning centers myself. Children deserve to have a chance in life and I'm so grateful that Shama Jade has introduced me to this wonderful foundation. I will continue to spread the word and support. 

2) What is it about Shama Jade Activewear that you find different and unique?

Just meeting Maria and Avalon you will understand. These two women are the most kind hearted, hardworking and perfect examples on how women can be successful on their own. I love their message and the yoga lifestyle. What's different about them is the one of a kind jumpsuit they created. Absolutely love the feel and it fits the body just right, which I can appreciate a lot after having a baby. I felt super comfortable and confident in it. 

3) What do you love about being a mother?

Where do I start.... never would I thought I could love like this. My daughter makes me want to be a better person. I want to be the best role model I can for her. 

4) How has your life changed since Sophie was born?

My life has changed in so many ways. Well, one I haven't slept in almost a year. Haha. My boobs are so not what they used to be. Haha again. It was super important for me to breastfeed for as long as I did. All in all my life couldn't be better. She's all worth it. 

5) If you could give an advice for a woman prior to having kids, what would say?

Do what you need to do whether it's travel or something else, because once you have a baby you will want to play it safe. Traveling is super hard to do unless you take the baby with you, and be aware that flying with a baby is not as easy as it looks. But having new experiences with your baby is pretty awesome. All the things in life will be exciting again to be able to experience it with your child.

Read more about the Fyera Foundation at:

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