Growth & Relationships

Growth comes from every direction, at every moment for as long as we are alive. Every area in our lives need growth and attention, if we choose to focus in only what seems the most important and disregard the other areas, you end up growing in some ways and regressing in other ways. Relationships are the greatest example of it. When we enter a relationship we want to make sure we can grow individually and with the person we chose to be with. When one of the two starts focusing on their career only, forgetting that without that strong foundation which is what the relationship represents they wouldn't have come this far, a problem arises. If you can't feed the relationship as much as you feed your dreams, the relationship will starve and the dreams even if conquered won't be everlasting. The power of love can bring more meanings to our dreams and aspirations than the power of mind alone.

Relationships are constantly evolving, transforming and changing. The growth of one partner can affect the other in many ways, sometimes positively as one inspires the other to grow and sometimes it can lead to both partners becoming out of sync. How can I grow and at the same time be in sync with my partner? The only possible way for this harmony to happen is if both partners do their inner work. If I can do my own growth, work on my issues, and share with my partner what I am experiencing then my partner feels comfortable to do the same. If I keep all the lessons to myself, if I don't share with my partner my strengths and weaknesses, we will experience a more superficial relationship that doesn't give any room for growth to occur.
To question where your relationships needs improvement, it is one of the best gifts you can give to your partner; when we ask ourselves what area of our relationship needs more nurture, we begin leaving our egos behind and begin adjusting to make the relationship a sacred bond between the partners.

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