People go on in life searching for a higher ideal to hold on to. Sometimes it is a form of religion, philosophy, a spiritual practice or a belief that keeps you going. This one belief may be the reason why you wake up every morning to pursue your day, your dreams, and your goals. What I fail to understand is when people use inauthenticity to achieve what they call dream. How can I publish a work of art that is not mine and write my name under it? Will that action alone make the work itself become mine? No, it won’t. In other people’s eyes, there is a big chance that I will fool them, but how about in my own consciousness? How can I sleep at night knowing that what I am doing is fundamentally wrong and continue going about it pretending to be blind to my own desires? People desire things that they cant have, and it is just a part of being human. How many times you have seen a movie, read a book, and thought to yourself “I wish I had this idea,” or “I wish I could be casted for this specific role”? But once you realize that thought, you begin creating the foundation that will allow you to create that reality you dream of. For a writer, you will read as many books of a specific genre that you want to draw inspiration, and then one day you will have the ability to step into the subconscious mind where all creativity resides, and you will write your own unique work of art. If you copy that work of art that someone else created just because you like it very much, you will fail. Why is that? Because you are rushing to create something, but during the process of creation you begin using your thoughts, your conscious mind, and your soul goes missing in the process. When you believe to be creating something from your mind alone, copying someone else’s idea, you don’t become truly fulfilled. Fulfillment comes from within the heart, and no one else’s ideas that exist outside my heart, mind and soul can do that job for me. 

You may sympathize with someone’s work of art and you may even think that you wish you had that idea. You can either become inspired by it and create your own unique work, or you can copy it and have to live with the consequences.

My advice is to always search for the truth in your art that already exists within you; this is the only truth that can turn your aspirations into art, into the reality you envision for yourself.

Embrace your truth. Transform your mind. Transcend yourself.

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