The Journey Back Home

Maria Cordeiro

Posted on March 07 2016


The journey begins as I walk through the forest hoping to find the right path that will guide me to the top of the mountain. The forest seems confusing for all the beauty that enchants my heart and all the greenery that takes my breath away. As I walk observing the beauty of nature, I forget to think, as the stillness feels the entirety of my body, only to remember that with nature I can only be. After some time enjoying the view, anxiety takes over me; what am I doing? Where is the path? And I become fixated about finding the right path to get to the top. I walk, look around, hoping to find a sign to guide me into the right direction, and the more I run from left to right the foggier my mind becomes and the harder it is to find the true path. The sun is going down and now I am in completely fear for I cannot find the right path to the top, neither can I find the path back to where I began. I can no longer turn around, my options are less than ideal; I can give in to fear and anxiety and spend the night obsessing about getting out of the forest, or I can give in to serenity and calmness and spend the night hearing the subtle sounds of the animals, the wind, the birds, witnessing nature and allowing my mind to be met with stillness as I watch the lake right in front of me. As I look down my watch and I realize it is March, the month of Pisces, I start taking this situation as a blessing from my spiritual guides to open my eyes to a higher dimension within me that I am not aware. Is it a sign to let go of old patterns of doing through my thoughts and embrace the newer version of me that is far more in alignment with my calling? I decide to sit down by the lake on top of a rock that was solid and comfortable. I start allowing my mind to sink in to that moment in time, and that inner voice to speak to me. As my eyes close, my heart opens, my body is in stillness I hear my soul speaking of words I had never heard before, it was a different language, a more refined way of speaking, it brought sensations to different areas of my body, and through this sensations I felt a healing light curing my fears, patterns, and all the negativity that I had stored unconsciously within me. The night went by and when I opened my eyes it was already morning. The sun was coming out, and I was still sitting in the same position, in the same rock. I suddenly knew the path to the top of the mountain; I did not need to think but to feel my way through the woods. My mind was quiet, the chattering that I had experienced the day before it was completely gone, and as I walked to the right direction I could experience the path through different parts of my body. My mind no longer had the say and the ability to guide me alone, but every organ of my body had its own intelligence, and as I approached the right path I would feel the confirmation through my different points of energy. The one who searches in the light to find his path but never goes through his own darkness will find half of a path, a superficial path. The one, who stops searching in light but goes within darkness, may find that his true path manifests itself through destruction of old ways, through stillness and through the conquest of fear. As I was too preoccupied to find the path outside of me, fear and anxiety took over and nothing was achieved. As I nurtured serenity and quietude, I began to see, hear, feel nature and through our intuitive nature I learned that everything is revealed to us.

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