March 16, 2017


January 17, 2017


Soul Mates & Soul Teachers


Relationships are there to teach us about ourselves, and our paths. Each relationship you begin has a purpose, and once the purpose is completely served, you move on to the next one. The purpose can range from your partner helping you to see your fears to learning how to become more flexible and how to compromise, and sometimes goes as far as teaching us how to set boundaries and honor our truths. Sometimes we choose to be in a relationship that we are not completely in love because we need to learn how to accept love from others. Other times, we don’t choose to be in love, our heart makes that decision. There has been a time when you thought the one you started the relationship had major chances of being the one for you, based on the ideas you had in your mind of what the perfect guy was like. But for some reason, you don’t feel completely fulfilled. You are attracted to the person in a deep way, but you choose to be with them not because they make you happy, but because that relationship has a lot to teach you. Isn’t interesting how our biggest teachers for the greater transformation we go through, tend to be not our soul mates but our soul teachers? They unravel the mask that you’ve put up, and they reveal your true face to yourself. Not the way you wished you were or wished you felt, but they reveal to you the many shades of your being, a lot of times darker than you imagined. The relationship may have a lingering element to it, since you know deep down after one shared moment together, that your differences wont bring you closer after time has elapsed, but if anything will take you further apart. People tend to ignore the first signs when they get into a relationship. If a man tells you he does not like spirituality and doesn’t believe in a higher realm, don’t you even think that you can make him become a spiritual teacher once you start your relationship, that is unlikely that will ever happen. People can change, grow, mature but those that are inflexible in their thinking and closed minded, rigid, tend to always be who they are until a tragic situation happens and an awakening occurs. We can’t change people’s beliefs by pushing them to be someone they never were. The problem here is simple, people tend to relate and identify with what they believe, if you try to push them to think differently because you think is best, you will only create conflict. The natural process of life will make them more flexible when the time comes, it is not your place to try and heal or save anyone you are in a relationship with. That being said, every relationship will teach you about yourself and show you what is most important to you in a partner. Once you go through the healing and you start understanding who you are from a clearer perspective, that’s when you will know how to set boundaries, how to speak up your mind, and how to increase your self-love.

October 03, 2016


"Life doesn't happen TO you, it happens FOR you"


shama jade jumpsuits activewear jumpsuits


As Tony Robbins once said “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” It is hard to wrap the mind around it when we experience chaos, difficulties, obstacles and so many challenges. It is easy to believe in that sentence when everything in your life is going exactly the direction you desired. It is easy to doubt it when you are in the midst of challenge, and all you truly want is to escape it back to peace. The positive outlook in life teaches us that no matter how challenging is the obstacle, it helps you learn about yourself, and the more stillness you achieve in those hard times, the better you will become once that is over. That being said, the obstacles are a way for us to practice non-reactiveness, stillness and compassion towards ourselves. It is very easy to get caught up in our own emotions, to feel victimized by the situation, to feel sad and sometimes even angry. It is also easy for a person who does self-study and spiritual work, to have the complete awareness of what they feel, and instead of stepping out of it with peace and understanding, when tend feel guilty and blame ourselves for feeding that negativity. It is time to cut that bullshit, time to strengthen our hearts and weaken our ego. We need to understand that in times of exhausted caused by lack of presence, times of constant adjustment to please the other, times when we feel judged and belittled, we don’t need to give up on ourselves, give up on our truth, and give in to the stress. We can take all of it, every bit of it, and practice what yoga is always trying to teach us: go towards the fire with ease, feel yourself through the intensity with surrender, and know that the more you practice stillness, the lesser will be the voice of your ego telling you to give up, to give in to stress, to become chaotic to match those around you.

August 13, 2016


Poem "Do it with love"


Do it with love

Do it with your all

Don't worry about above

It does not matter how hard you fall.

As long as you live

Yes you can achieve

Your dreams, your gift, your life

Keep your faith

You will go High.


July 29, 2016


The pain of today is the growth of tomorrow


Often times in life we feel pain and try to hide it from others and ourselves. We try to mask it by turning our attention to things that don't matter, by becoming obsessed with an ideal, a goal, or anything that we believe could save us from that darkness. What we cease to understand is that if we allow the pain to speak to us, it can reveal things about ourselves, our current situation, the reason we attracted it, and we begin to change our awareness from the pain body to the awareness self. We begin to speak words of truth, and those simple words will set us free from the pain we feel. In stillness, feeling the pain and breathing through it, I start looking around to the nature that surrounds me, the tall trees and beautiful greenery bring me a feeling of peace, and my consciousness is raise in that short moment that I realize my pain is only there to teach me something- where I lost balance, what I said or did that was out of alignment with my soul and how can I move towards this fire with awareness and come out of it alive and healed. Artists are people that channel their creativity through a higher power, and as they get into the hole of darkness, they can also step out of it through making an art of their situation. Their thinking isn't linear, it is in fact a lot of heart figures put together, with no beginning and no end; they understand that the pain they experience is one of he greatest gifts of God, for the emotion is the only way the above can speak and guide us to the right path. Imagine a heart shaped figure and now there is one single dot in the middle, in that dot all comes back together to the channel, and in that channel you experience the full dimension of your soul first hand. Unfortunately not everyone has discovered their inner artist, and as the pain serves as resources to be transformed and created into art, the one that does not have a discovered its own channel, may turn away from pain and unconsciously allowing the pain of today, tomorrow and the day after, to be lingering deep down their soul, and dictating the path you choose. The path of a person who cannot embrace pain, is an empty, superficial, meaningless journey that will attract people and situations that reflect the persons lack of integrity with the soul. What if I told you that you can in fact learn from your pain, elevate your state of consciousness, increase self awareness and live a very fulfilling life, if you simply begin to accept the aspects of yourself you have denied? If you only allow your body to dive deep into the pain, shaking it off, breathing through it, and crying your heart out as a form of release. Once that is done, you'll begin to understand that the anger that caused the pain, also needed a channel for expression, and if you can't make art of it, then trust that you are taken care of and by opening that door in your heart, the higher power may deliver to you your true channel for healing.

June 26, 2016


Shama Jade Founders' Message on the Prophecy of Light


Shama Jade Sol Jumpsuit Pink


More than a healthy lifestyle brand, our main goal with Shama Jade has always been to create a philosophy to empower women to live their lives at the fullest, embracing their truth, honoring their light, accepting their darkness, uplifting one another, listening attentively to their intuition, embracing themselves as they are, and making peace with their transformation that is always happening for our betterment, whether we agree or disagree.

We believe in a prophecy of light; where healing arts and holistic medicine, the more natural way of living, gain priority over the western way of dealing with the human body. A prophecy that honors the truth without judgment, that ceases to feed the ego, and that focuses on the heart as the center where all the actions come from. Let the heart be open and truthful, let the mind be calm, still and nonreactive, let the body be flexible, strong and in harmony, let the mouth speak only what it means, uplifting and guiding others with the same love you feel towards oneself, let the eyes see the best in others with no judgment in their flaws, mistakes and level of consciousness. Let each persons path be unique to their karma, respecting their pain, obstacles and achievements, witnessing with open arms and understanding hearts. Let others be who they choose to be, love whom they choose to love, and do what they choose to do. Let others learn from their mistakes, as you learn from your own, and next time you feel the urge to judge them, remember that your only mission is to be of light and kindness, speak the truth even when it hurts, because to dive deep into your pain takes you further into your soul evolution than to ignore it altogether.

In this journey of bringing light into the world, we have encountered lots of darkness, lies, egotistical ways of acting and living, and at times like these, it becomes a lot harder to act from heart and shed light and forgiveness to those who try to hurt you. But remember, "God" or the higher power of the universe, will always charge the light of those who live by a higher purpose, than of those who's ego and lack of integrity takes priority over the truth.

Shama: Enlightenment, Jade: unconditional love- We experience people in many different levels that are attracted to the light but can't sustain it, can't accept to be part of something greater than themselves, and the only way they feel good is when they take something away from you; they steal because their ego craves to be out there where success resides, but they don't want to do the work to get there, they want a short cut, so they get inspired by someone else's work and when they see how much that work touches people heart, they steal their work, because they want the attention, again ego takes over. Do they really care to empower others? To teach and be part of the prophecy of light? They try so hard to act like it, but through their actions one can see, and as the pain runs in my heart and I try to believe that are people out there that live from their ego and not their heart, I feel hopeless. For a second or two, I start doubting the efficacy of the prophecy of Shama Jade that we live by, but once that thought comes into my head, the faith of light overpowers my body and I realize one thing: it is not my place to judge, or to feel discourage by the lack of consciousness I see in the world, it is my place, however, to practice love and forgiveness. To allow each and every being to grow in their own time, through their own karmic lessons.

Once you begin to release and let go of judgment, you start tapping into something greater, higher, more powerful than yourself, you begin practicing the prophecy of light.

Shama Jade Founders

May 30, 2016


Healing your fears


I love to feel. I live to feel. Feelings create art, and art is an expression of your deepest self. I'd like to think that art is a manifestation of my highest self, but most of the times is the fearful me that experiences the darkness and only once the moment has passed the highest me can create the art. What function does the fearful me play in my life? It reminds me of my weaknesses, karmic lessons and emotions that need to be cleared out, healed completely for my soul evolution. For that reason, don't try to repress it, play cool, ignore it or judge it. Instead, embrace that voice of fear, for that fear can teach you where you are in your spiritual evolution, what you need to observe, and what you need to go through, digging deep we may find what've been looking for, our life's mission. 

I'm not saying by any means to encourage fear into your life, or to feed that voice. What I am saying is, it does have something to teach us, and in order to overcome, and heal that fear, we need to naturally allow it to come forth even if that means experience your darkness for the time being. We become human by accepting our fears and super human by expressing them. Once you give space for your fear to speak, it will no longer take hold of you, instead you will allow light to shine through that hole that was dig deep into your heart, and in that empty clear space, love will be welcomed.

May 23, 2016


The True Meaning of Being Alive

Our brains are the most incredible gift that could've been given to human kind. The fact that we can remember a specific situation, day, moment in our lives and vividly experience that emotion as if we were living it right at this moment again. It's amazing how one can record the minor details of a moment that happened in the past, and though the situation, person, thing that happened doesn't consciously affect us in the present moment, we can still feel it ever so deeply, as if had happened yesterday.

The job of a writer is to share a story, a discovery, a thought, and hopefully help others to find a relief to know that what they feel, or are going through is acceptable and relatable in many different levels.
Back in time emotions were seeing as weakness and the ability to maintain rational and "stable" was the desired way of living. The problem with this concept that doesn't reward what spirituality can do for mankind is: the rational/stable who doesn't know his inside, is more likely to remain stagnant than the one that feels and learn from the voice of his heart.

Feelings give meaning to life and are the reason why we are alive. It brings color to a blank page, it adds dimension to an sculpture, it creates lyrics to a sound and sometimes it even creates a musical sound of expression. You may be thinking that all these things are great, but how can feelings elevate us in any way? We can learn from love as we can learn from pain. We can go back to a specific moment in time that is stored into our hearts and minds and discover important information for what those emotions were trying to teach us and then learn from it!

For that reason, strive to discover your depth, and express it with all you've got, because at the end of the day you will regret not what you've said, done, expressed, learned but what you never dared to explore.

May 02, 2016


Mother's day Collaboration Event with actress Jessica Hall and Fyera Foundation


Models: Jessica Hall & Sophie Carlson

Photography by: Armin Razmy

Outfit by: Shama Jade Activewear 

Make up by: Brittney Lambert 


In light of Mother’s day, we would like to bring more awareness to the children in need that lack unconditional love from a mother figure, and decided to help in whatever way we could by partnering up with the Fyera Foundation.

The Fyera foundation focuses in helping children in Nicaragua by sponsoring a child there and providing them with care (water, food, school supplies, and love.) The foundation is also an active part in the community in Nicaragua, and is currently raising money to build a center for inspiration, for both physical and spiritual nutrition to the children. Shama Jade and Fyera foundation have partnered up with the beautiful reality star (Kendra On Top) and mother, Jessica Hall, for Mother’s day with an effort to bring awareness to this cause and help the children in need.

Jessica Hall is a reality star, full-time entrepreneur and mother, who is interested in helping the children in the community and encouraging women around the world to embrace and love themselves as they are. She is the perfect representation to inspire women to know that they can have it all: a successful career, and a balanced family life. 

During the month of May, a percentage of the profit for every jumpsuit purchased through Shama Jade Activewear’s website, will be donated to Fyera foundation, improving the quality of life of the children from Nicaragua. 


“Ever since I became a mother, I feel this immense love for children, something I had never experienced before. It is an all embracing love that makes me want to take all the children to my home and give them all the love they need. I feel extremely grateful to be able to work with the Fyera foundation that my partner Avalon Barrie has introduced me to, and to know that the donation can make a difference in the Nicaragua children’s lives, nurturing them physically and spiritually.” Maria Cordeiro Capone, Co-founder of Shama Jade Activewear.

“This is very dear to my heart as I’ve been working with the Fyera foundation for a few years now, and I feel like I am a honorary mother, as I don’t have kids of my own. I love to be able to contribute to the children’s’ wellbeing and happiness, and believe that every little bit can make a difference in the children’s lives.” Avalon Barrie, Co-founder of Shama Jade Activewear.



1) Why did you want to be involved with the Fyera Foundation?

I absolutely love what Shama Jade is all about and what they stand for. I have to admit I wasn't aware of Fyera Foundation until recently. I'm so glad that I’m becoming so knowledgeable about the Fyera foundation and as a new mom I want to help every child I can. It's so important for children to have the proper care just to survive. If I could, I would build the learning centers myself. Children deserve to have a chance in life and I'm so grateful that Shama Jade has introduced me to this wonderful foundation. I will continue to spread the word and support. 

2) What is it about Shama Jade Activewear that you find different and unique?

Just meeting Maria and Avalon you will understand. These two women are the most kind hearted, hardworking and perfect examples on how women can be successful on their own. I love their message and the yoga lifestyle. What's different about them is the one of a kind jumpsuit they created. Absolutely love the feel and it fits the body just right, which I can appreciate a lot after having a baby. I felt super comfortable and confident in it. 

3) What do you love about being a mother?

Where do I start.... never would I thought I could love like this. My daughter makes me want to be a better person. I want to be the best role model I can for her. 

4) How has your life changed since Sophie was born?

My life has changed in so many ways. Well, one I haven't slept in almost a year. Haha. My boobs are so not what they used to be. Haha again. It was super important for me to breastfeed for as long as I did. All in all my life couldn't be better. She's all worth it. 

5) If you could give an advice for a woman prior to having kids, what would say?

Do what you need to do whether it's travel or something else, because once you have a baby you will want to play it safe. Traveling is super hard to do unless you take the baby with you, and be aware that flying with a baby is not as easy as it looks. But having new experiences with your baby is pretty awesome. All the things in life will be exciting again to be able to experience it with your child.

Read more about the Fyera Foundation at:

March 28, 2016


Growth & Relationships

Growth comes from every direction, at every moment for as long as we are alive. Every area in our lives need growth and attention, if we choose to focus in only what seems the most important and disregard the other areas, you end up growing in some ways and regressing in other ways. Relationships are the greatest example of it. When we enter a relationship we want to make sure we can grow individually and with the person we chose to be with. When one of the two starts focusing on their career only, forgetting that without that strong foundation which is what the relationship represents they wouldn't have come this far, a problem arises. If you can't feed the relationship as much as you feed your dreams, the relationship will starve and the dreams even if conquered won't be everlasting. The power of love can bring more meanings to our dreams and aspirations than the power of mind alone.

Relationships are constantly evolving, transforming and changing. The growth of one partner can affect the other in many ways, sometimes positively as one inspires the other to grow and sometimes it can lead to both partners becoming out of sync. How can I grow and at the same time be in sync with my partner? The only possible way for this harmony to happen is if both partners do their inner work. If I can do my own growth, work on my issues, and share with my partner what I am experiencing then my partner feels comfortable to do the same. If I keep all the lessons to myself, if I don't share with my partner my strengths and weaknesses, we will experience a more superficial relationship that doesn't give any room for growth to occur.
To question where your relationships needs improvement, it is one of the best gifts you can give to your partner; when we ask ourselves what area of our relationship needs more nurture, we begin leaving our egos behind and begin adjusting to make the relationship a sacred bond between the partners.

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